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👋🏾 Hi, I’m Marianne and I’m all about storytelling.

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I’m a marketer and award-winning photographer.

I help brands grow through memorable content and human-centred storytelling.

Jobs I've done

Over the years I’ve worked with brands in tech, design, food and drink, non-profits and government organisations. One thing all my jobs had in common was storytelling about real people, doing great things and making the world a more exciting place. 

I spent a few years working right next to 10 Downing Street at the Department for International Trade. My job was essentially to create good news from all over the UK at a time when there was very little to be positive about (read Brexit). I was tasked with producing stories about small businesses achieving big things in international markets, in the hopes that it would inspire other businesses around the country to sell overseas. The quirky and soulful stories were always my favourite.

I’ve written about all kinds of businesses, from haggis producers in Scotland, to a company exporting human tissue for scientific research. I’ve even written about the seaweed business co-founded by a member of English indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs. These stories all ended up in national and international newspapers, magazines, and on radio or TV. 

To date, I've secured top tier media coverage for brands in hundreds of publications including The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC and Grazia UK. 

I'm currently working with ustwo, leading on content marketing and partnerships across their design studios in London, New York, Malmö, Tokyo and Lisbon. 

What I do best

Long story short, I know where to find good stories, how to craft them, and how to sell them to any audience. 

I’ve also been a photographer for many years and have won a British Journal of Photography award for my work. I’m currently trying my hand at 35mm film photography which is going well. You can see some of my photographs here

When I’m not doing any of the things mentioned above, I’m either listening to a podcast or eating my way around the world.

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